Disposal will require decommissioning by a qualified electrician and pipework amended by a plumber. Replacement will also require decommissioning by a qualified electrician and both plumbing and electrical components replacing. Ensure to discuss this with your landlord/facilities management in cases where properties are rented.

We are a supply company only therefore recommend Check a Trade in order to find a suitable tradesman, costs dependent on the area of the UK that you live.

If you wish to replace your system, we have 2 residential insurer approved systems available in 15mm and 22mm pipe work sizes. The Waterguard 12V Home and the Waterguard 240V Solo. You can purchase these systems directly from us by emailing your order to sales@waterguard.co.uk or through your local merchants, alternatively your installer could purchase on your behalf.

I hope this answers any queries you may have but if you require any further information please do not hesitate to ask.

PLEASE NOTE: These systems were manufactured and supplied by A Fox Systems Ltd from 1999 until the company seized trading in 2008. Waterguard Services Ltd is in no way associated with A Fox Systems Ltd or any products and services supplied by them. The information provided by Waterguard Services Ltd is for guidance purposes only, Waterguard Services Ltd take no responsibility for any failures in the operation of any A Fox Systems Ltd products and cannot be held accountable to any previous customers of A Fox Systems Ltd.