Contractors’ All Risk

Insurers’ loss experience shows that water damage continues to be the most prevalent cause of claims on construction sites.  Not only is escape of water responsible for more claims than any other cause, the total cost of such claims, in terms of physical damage and the impact of project delays, currently exceeds the value of any other loss category (including fire).

The reasons for this are many and varied but include: the use of inexperienced and untrained personnel; poor ‘quality assurance’ and inadequate testing regimes; a preponderance of new and innovative plumbing systems; the increase in high rise developments and vulnerable fit-out works; and inadequate post-loss mitigation and emergency response plans.

Insurers first attempted to address this problem in 2008 with the publication of the CIREG (Construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group) guidance document, ‘The Avoidance of Water Damage on Construction Sites’ which is currently (2019) in its fifth iteration.  The guidance addresses all stages of a construction project from design right through to post-incident mitigation. 

It is also important to appreciate that many Insurers are now reluctant to provide cover for water damage incidents or will impose large excesses unless suitable (and demonstrable) risk management procedures are in place.  The installation, and appropriate programming and management, of such devices is seen by most Insurers as good evidence that the issue is understood and being effectively addressed.

Download our  CIREG Compliance Guide for information  on our systems which fulfil all monitoring and mitigating objectives.

We design water leak detection and prevention devices for the whole life of a building from construction (including temporary water supplies) through to commissioning and occupation. Our Series 7 WAT02 and WAT03 systems are easy to operate and comply fully with BREEAM providing internal and major water leak prevention. Waterguard SiteGuard was designed specifically for temporary water supplies, automatically isolating them outside of working hours. Automatic isolation and offsite alerts are available for all our systems via our DataCom; text alert service.

No two sites are the same so therefore we project manage every site working with each contractor or risk manager through every stage of construction. For further information or to discuss a certain project please call 01226 244200 to speak with a dedicated expert.