Residential Leak Prevention

Stop the damage caused by burst and leaking water pipes and protect your property, home or small business.

‘Escape of water’ is the technical term used to describe a water leak in your home. As one of the most common home insurance claims it is important to understand the risks and potential likelihood you will experience one yourself.

An ABI consultation with leading loss adjusters and damage management companies confirmed that factors contributing to escape of water issues include:

  • Burst pipes can occur anywhere in your home and are generally caused by freezing temperatures. The results can be catastrophic from burst pipes that can occur in the walls. In Winter 2018, the North East experienced significant damages due to freezing temperatures.
  • Toilet supply lines can corrode and bust — depending on what floor the toilet is on, there could be extreme damage as water rushes through the home.
  • Domestic appliances like washing machines and dishwashers have supply lines that feed it; many times these are rubber and are prone to bursting.
  • Ceiling leaks from bathrooms on the upper floors. Leakages in bathrooms and other wet areas of high-rise buildings are most often due to failure of the waterproofing membrane.
  • Hot water tanks fail over time and cause significant damage.  This is usually due to a lack of a maintenance and/or replacement of the anode rods.  When a hot water tank fails, the first thing that happens is 120 gallons of hot water on your basement floor; then it keeps running.

Our residential range of systems protect properties by monitoring water usage from the incoming water mains using a flow sensor that allows continuous water flow for a limited time before the controller suspects a leak and automatically shuts off the water supply with a solenoid valve.

The Waterguard Home system allows users to set the maximum time allowed when the property is occupied and unoccupied, known as Low and High Guard. The water can also be turned on or off, the guard level switched, and the maximum flow times set from the simple to use language free remote controller.

The Waterguard Solo shares the exact working principles of the Home  with only one level of guard and a singular push button controller. Guard level is usually set by the installer, landlord or concierge with the singular controls often located in riser cupboards or basements.

The Waterguard Puddle is the latest development in multi zone water leak detection technology. Each system can monitor up to 5 water leak detection channels using water sensing cable or tape, water sensing feet and/or float switches. Available as an alarm only system or with automatic water shut off, these systems can be used to identify leaks from domestic appliances and throughout the bathroom.

We currently have thousands of these systems protecting properties across the UK and Channel Islands including properties managed by Mainstay Group Limited, download our Case Study to learn how we work with insurers, facilities managers and property managers to provide solutions for any escape of water issues.