Here at Waterguard, we like to think we’re pretty clued up when it comes to water leak detection and prevention solutions. In fact, we exist solely to protect all buildings from damage, save clients from unexpected costs, and dramatically reduce the expense of utilities bills. But you may be wondering what exactly a water leak detection system is and how it works. Here, we shed some light on our smart systems that could end up saving you a fortune in property maintenance and damage repairs… 

What is a water leak detection system? 

Each of Waterguard’s systems effectively monitor and track the flow of water through any pipeline. And, if at any point an abnormal flow is spotted, the system will immediately cut off the water stream to the building by closing a valve within the leak detector. These products are typically situated at the property’s water entry point, which means that no matter where the leak is located, minimum damage will be caused. Our systems are fully programmable, which means you can customise them to suit your own requirements. 

How do water leak detection systems work? 

Most leak detection systems work by carefully monitoring the flow of water by mechanical turbines or ultrasonic wavelengths. By logging the measure of water passing the sensor, or any time delays, the product can register any potential problems, and prevent further damage from occurring. 

Why do you need a water leak detection system? 

Waterguard products can protect your home or property from one of the most prevalent causes of insurance claims — water damage. Whether as a result of faulty plumbing materials, failed connections, human error, or burst pipes, water leak detection systems can minimise the risk of expensive — and sometimes traumatic — harm to your property. Just as it’s considered essential to install a smoke detector in your home, why should it be any different with water? 

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