Our mission at Waterguard is to protect properties from burst and leaking water pipes, conserve precious water resources, and save our clients’ money on water bills and the consequential losses involved with a water leak. We are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable water leak detection and monitoring solutions that not only detect leaks promptly but also prevent them from causing extensive damage.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, we aim to empower our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to proactively manage water leaks and mitigate risks with commercial water leak detection and monitoring. With our comprehensive range of products and services, we strive to create a safer and more sustainable future by promoting water conservation and reducing the environmental impact of water wastage.

But we know we can’t drive innovation alone. That’s why we’re constantly seeking new ways to enhance our industry-leading portfolio of water leak detectors. Throughout 2022 and 2023, we worked closely with clients and insurers to take our Series 7 range to the next phase of development — with more advanced functionality, to suit a variety of building requirements, than ever before.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration ensures that we stay at the forefront of water leak detection technology, providing our customers with the most reliable and effective solutions available in the market. With our enhanced range of detectors, we are able to offer even greater protection against water damage, helping businesses and property owners prevent costly repairs and minimise the risk of potential disruptions.

Here’s everything you need to know about our enhanced turnkey water shutoff and leak prevention systems.

The original Series 7

Offering fully BREEAM compliant water monitoring and isolation, the original Series 7 is our trademark system that we have supplied to the industry for decades. Monitoring water usage litre by litre and equipped with multiple settings and functions completely customisable by the user, the Series 7 is a practised and trusted system that not only stops the damage caused by burst and leaking pipes, but also conserves water and saves money.

So, what’s new?

A question we are often asked. “How am I supposed to know what the normal water usage is?” Well, the Series 7 has a feature unique to others on the market, an audit function. Previously this would have required setup by the user who would then use the data to input the usage parameters. Now, the Series 7 will automatically store the last 14 days of audit data which can be used to set parameters with the touch of a button.

Added detail to the events log. The original Series 7 has always included an events log for important events such as when a leak has been detected, now with the updated version there is a full events log that details every activity on the system. For instance, if you wanted to know if any settings had been changed the events log will show if and exactly when this happened.

Water going to ground? The Series 7 has always included water meter readings visible from the control panel, we have now included comparison data available between the boundary and internal water meter to indicate possible water going to ground to help in save potential thousands on water bills.

Another improvement to an existing feature is the manual override function. This function avoids false leak alarms if excessive water usage is required, allowing the user to bypass parameters and allows unlimited water for a set period of time. Previously this function was only available at the controls, but an added scheduling setting now allows for up to 3 preset overrides per day allowing unlimited water for 10 – 120 minutes.

As well as the mains power connection the system comes equipped with a rechargeable back up battery to safeguard the system from any mains power fails. Power is paramount to the operation of the Series 7; therefore, we have added several power warning options for the user. These include mains fail and low battery warnings as well as a permanent warning for battery failure.


Commercial Water Leak Detection and Monitoring
Commercial Water Leak Detection and Monitoring

The Series 7 Dual

The Series 7 Dual is a new release as part of the Series 7 range. With the exact same functionality of the original Series 7 and its updates, this system is designed for multi-site commercial buildings. Compliant with BREEAM WAT02 requirements, this smart water monitoring and isolation technology is able to be implemented per location in two independent areas to monitor usage separately.

With optional password protection individual to each site, the S7 Dual has been developed for any building with multiple incoming water supplies or varying water usage requirements. Examples include; hotels, leisure centre, industrial units and logistic parks.

Water monitoring and automatic shutoff on construction sites

At Waterguard, we offer water monitoring and automatic shutoff solutions specifically designed for construction sites. Our advanced technology allows for real-time monitoring of water usage, detecting any abnormal patterns or leaks. In the event of a leak, our automatic shutoff system is triggered, preventing further water damage and minimising costly repairs. With our reliable and efficient commercial water leak detection and monitoring solutions, construction sites can effectively manage water usage, reduce waste, and ensure smooth project handover.

Automatic water shut off
Automatic water shut off

Waterguard SiteGuard

The Waterguard SiteGuard was born from an insurance requirement for automatic water isolation on temporary water supplies. Clients required an automatic shutoff system to isolate the water supply when the site was closed and automatically reopen the supply when the site was active. Tailored to the operational hours of a site, with a daily timer for precise programming, this system is CIREG Best Practice compliant for temporary water supplies.

So, what’s new?

The Waterguard SiteGuard can now connect 2 valves with 2 independent channels, with each separate channel controlled by 2 time periods for alternative days allowing for flexibility and added protection during short site closures.

Allocation of channel names based on location, enabling contractors to locate valves if required to manually bypass. Plus, a weatherproof enclosure for the controls and simple installation with a single cable required ran to each valve.

Waterguard SiteGuard+

The SiteGuard+ is a new release as part of the Series 7 range as a result of project trials. With the exact same functionality of the original Series 7 and its updates, this system is designed to accommodate the specialist requirements of water usage on construction sites. This system will detect any minor and major water leak; measuring water volume in litres, shutting off the water supply when a user specified volume is exceeded within a selected time period. This system fulfils the objectives of the CIREG guidance for permanent works water systems, to mitigate the risk against damage on construction sites.

This commercial water leak detection and monitoring system has been developed in conjunction with contractors and insurers to create a system that is practical for a construction site and ticks all the insurance boxes, including special features to eliminate downtime in the event of false alarms. These include scheduled overrides, different water allowances for individual days and automatic out of hours water isolation.



Commercial Water Leak Detection and Monitoring

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