“Escape of water is the most frequent claims cost, causing distress to thousands of businesses a year. It can lead to significant business interruption, including unplanned evacuations, and property damage which can take a considerable amount of time to repair”, Aviva 2016. Aviva Insurance have now launched an internal campaign highlighting the importance of the reduction of escape of water claims and how to utilise the knowledge available from water leak detection and prevention specialists. Waterguard Services Limited are the UK’s leading manufacturer of water leak detection equipment and are now working with Aviva Insurance to offer their commercial clients the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of Waterguard in protecting their world against escape of water. There are numerous benefits to water leak detection equipment outlined by Aviva including;

  • Reduced water bills due to the early detection of any unwanted escape of water
  • Allows for uninterrupted business trading
  • Allows for the early detection and mitigation of the extent of any damage that can be caused
  • Avoids large scale repair work

As well as feeling safe in the knowledge that your property is protected, Aviva commercial clients also receive discounted product pricing for all equipment supplied by Waterguard. Aviva Insurance customers are urged to contact their usual commercial underwriter for full details on their new leak detection proposition.