The potential for water damage is nothing new – but when it happens, the effects can be devastating for all parties, whether in a large-scale construction project or a smaller domestic property. 

Water leak detection solutions can effectively monitor and track the flow of water through any pipeline. And, if at any point an abnormal flow is spotted, the system will immediately cut off the water stream to the building by closing a valve within the leak detector.

Here at Waterguard, we understand our customers may still need a little convincing when it comes to deciding on whether to take the plunge with a water leak detection system. We’ve tackled some of our most frequently asked questions, to make the deliberation process a little more straightforward.

1. If the power is off in the building overnight, will the system still work?

In short, yes. Our water leak detection controllers are able to go without mains power for up to between 12 hours and several months — as long as they are not exposed to freezing conditions. In these cases, we’d advise our customers change the batteries more regularly to avoid an unforeseen shutdown.

2. Can the system be installed on temporary water supplies to offer protection during the construction phase?

Many of our customers seek the various Waterguard systems to safeguard short term construction projects — avoiding costly delays and damage. All of our products’ parameters can be altered at any time to suit the current phase and water usage of the building. If you’re on the lookout for a system that isolates the water at pre-set times, we have the Waterguard SiteGuard, recommended by insurance professionals for temporary water supplies. For permanent supplies during construction and fit out phases the Waterguard CIREG compliant Series 7 is also endorsed by insurers and already protecting sites across the country.

3. How will I know if a water leak has been detected?

Upon detecting a water leak, customers will receive an audible and visual alert, the water supply will then need to be reinstated once the issue has been resolved.

4. Are the systems suitable for high rise basements?

Yes. The Waterguard Home and Solo can be fitted in individual apartments, basements, and riser cupboards to suit your needs.

5. Can I manually set a maximum water usage?

Yes. The maximum water volume can be set to cover a 24-hour period, monitoring water usage per half hour, hour, guard period or day.  

We hope we’ve provided some valuable information about our range of water leak detection systems. Get in touch with the team today for more advice — or to discuss a particular project — on 01226 244200.