Every day, huge volumes of water are treated and supplied to customers across the UK. But the sad reality is, not all of it makes its way to customers. According to research, almost 2.4 billion litres is lost by the top nine firms alone — such as Thames Water and United Utilities. That’s around 20% of national supply.

With such an incredibly shocking statistic looming, it should come as no surprise that we’re saying more needs to be done. Not only do we have a collective responsibility to safeguard the planet, increasing economic pressures mean we must be more financially astute too. Of course, there’s nothing environmentally or economically sustainable about letting surplus amounts of water escape.

This has been key to our mission at Waterguard since well before the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or cost of living crisis. Our state-of-the-art turnkey solutions have been designed, manufactured, and supplied to suit evolving requirements in a whole host of sectors, spanning construction, gas and oil, property and facilities management, and more. 

But we know we can’t drive innovation alone. That’s why we’re constantly seeking new ways to enhance our industry-leading portfolio of water leak detectors. Throughout 2022, we worked closely with clients and insurers to take our Series 7 range to the next phase of development — with more advanced functionality, to suit a variety of building requirements, than ever before.

Here’s everything you need to know about our enhanced turnkey systems:

The original Series 7: Offering fully BREEAM compliant water monitoring and isolation, the original Series 7 now boasts an automatic audit and set up function, as well as scheduled overrides and an improved user interface.

The Series 7 Dual: Compliant with BREEAM WAT02 requirements, this water monitoring and isolation technology is suitable for multi-site commercial buildings — able to be implemented in two independent locations to monitor usage separately.

Waterguard SiteGuard: Bespoke to the operational hours of a site, with a daily timer for precise programming, this product is perfectly suited to temporary water supplies — automatically isolating supply during times of inoccupancy.

Waterguard SiteGuard+: The all-new SiteGuard+ is a practical solution for water monitoring, to mitigate the risk against damage on construction sites — including special features to eliminate downtime in the event of false alarms.

The Flow 7: Offering water monitoring and automatic water isolation for large residential properties, as well as retrofitting into school and public buildings, the Flow 7 leak detection system is an excellent final addition to the Series 7 line-up.

Keen to learn more? Whether you’re armed with a general enquiry or want to delve deeper into how Waterguard can help your site or building, get in touch with our water leak detection specialists, today.