We are all familiar with the havoc a water leak can wreak on your belongings, home, and bank balance, not to mention cause significant harm to the environment.

Water leak detection solutions can effectively monitor and track the flow of water through any pipeline. And, if at any point an abnormal flow is spotted, the system will immediately cut off the water stream to the building by closing a valve within the leak detector.

Working by carefully monitoring the flow of water, litre by litre, and analysing the data, thus registering potential problems, isolating the water supply, and preventing further damage.

As well as mitigating risk in terms of building protection, the installation of a leak detection system also ticks a vital sustainability ‘box’ – counting towards BREEAM sustainability points and allowing developers to market properties as ‘sustainable builds’.

Like anything, leak detection products come in various guises – from simple shut-off solutions through to all-the-bells-and-whistles opportunities which provide real-time alerts when something doesn’t seem quite right.

Of course, the purpose of leak detection is to take away the headache of another element of site and/or building management – and the installation of such devices should be hassle-free too. Small investments, such as in all washrooms, can make a big difference when it comes to maximum protection and minimum water waste.

Here at Waterguard, we firmly believe that when it comes to water leak detection, ‘prevention is definitely cheaper than the cure’. While the upfront investment can often see firms choosing to ‘roll the dice’, if they help to reduce insurance premiums and provide vital peace of mind, the benefits undoubtedly outweigh the costs.

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