From damaged pipe joints and broken seals, to excess water pressure and natural disaster emergencies, water leaks present a significant burden to your property and purse – not to mention the environment.

However, much as water leaks are commonplace in most domestic and commercial buildings, locating them is rarely a straightforward task. That’s why it’s crucial to enforce procedures that help identify an issue, before it worsens – saving time and money on repairs and recuperation.

Cue leak detection systems.

No matter the nature or size of a leak, intuitive detection technologies exist to help pinpoint the source of a problem and mitigate the risk of escape. Here at Waterguard, our comprehensive range of products is tailored to meet both internal and external requirements.

Here are some of the common methods our systems adopt to monitor water usage and detect potential sites for concern:

Intelligent sensing

Within our multi-zone leak detection technology, the Puddle, each system can monitor up to five channels, using a variety of water sensing devices dependant on application – from cable or tape to feet and float switches.

Suitable for installation in a range of locations – including in the voids below raised floors, behind utilities, and tie-wrapped to individual pipes – the Puddle monitors the volume of water coming into contact with the device, indicating causes for concern through a customer’s chosen method. These include, but are not limited to, an alarm-only system, automatic supply shut off, and a secondary alert beacon.

The equally-intuitive Series 7 uses state-of-the-art pulse sensors to continuously monitor water flow from both the site boundary and internally within the building. With a self-learning audit function, the system monitors normal consumption and isolates supply at the valve if any inconsistencies occur.

A must-have for any commercial, public and industrial building, and high net worth residential properties, the Series 7 can analyse water usage by volume per specified time period – with adjustable parameters to suit individual need.

Similarly, domestic systems Home and Solo use flow sensors to monitor the usage of water from the mains – allowing a continuous flow for a limited length of time, before suspecting a leak and shutting off the water with a solenoid valve.

And, to avoid any inconveniences of falsely-triggered shut-off, wireless fobs are also available to reinstate the water supply from anywhere in the property.

Finally, our BREEAM WAT04 compliant Passive Infra-Red (PIR) technology uses a passing infra-red controller to detect movement in a room, isolating the water supply in any W/C, changing rooms, or any other wet area when not in use.

Available for pipe sizes 15-35mm, the PIR can activate up to three valves for the hot, cold, and grey water supply , with an adjustable delay after room vacation, to ensure uninterrupted supply in frequently used areas.

The PIR is an exceptional tool to support the conservation of water in commercial buildings.

Time sensitivity

From temporary water supplies in construction sites, to free flow in domestic properties, time is one of the key adjustable parameters throughout a host of our products to help bolster the accuracy of leak detection.

With Waterguard Home and Solo, for example, installers, landlords, or independent users are able to programme a level of guard into their appliance – ensuring the stop valve is activated to shut off at a time to suit individual requirements. Low guard, when a property is occupied, ranges from 1-30 minutes, and high guard, when a property is unoccupied, ranges from 0-2 minutes.

The Site Guard and Series 7 also play intimate attention to occupancy. Automatically shutting off supply when premises are closed, and reinstating when opened, they both have several adjustable parameters to specify when a building or site is in use, as well as guard modes to suit varying timetables, and maximum litre allowances and override times.

For the PIR, not only does the ability to adjust the delay time prevent unnecessary disruption – with options ranging from six seconds to 30 minutes – it also increases the accuracy of detection.

And, across the board, timely alerts are distributed to indicate that a channel has been alarmed – and where. Because fast action can be the difference between preventing a leak and hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds of damage.

Of course, innovation never stands still, so we’re constantly seeking new ways to supercharge our portfolio of products and improve their accuracy even further.

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