Part of wider environmental efforts by sustainability pioneers EARTHDAY.ORG, the global Earth Day observation plays a leading role in driving a greener future. As well as providing an inspiring ecosystem to help curb our impact on the planet, it places emphasis on the collective responsibility to protect our shared home.

As firm believers that one small action can make a big difference, Waterguard is passionate about educating our customers on the importance of protecting precious water resources. With leaks causing added stress to our energy consumption — as well as plaguing an increasing number of property insurance claims, and hiking utility bills for homes and businesses — there’s no time like the present to implement better preventative measures. 

By detecting and fixing surplus escape routes, we can help to save water, reduce our carbon footprint, and protect our environment for generations to come. Here are just a few reasons why leak detection is so important:

Protects resources: Every drop counts, and fixing leaks can save thousands of litres of water every year. This is not only good for the planet — reducing wastage, preventing property damage, and minimising the need for energy-intensive treatment processes — but also for your budget, as you’ll save money on your water bills too.

Reduces carbon footprint: When water is wasted, there’s increased demand for the pumping and transportation of more resource. This, in turn, means a greater number of emissions associated with supply and treatment are released into the atmosphere too. By fixing leaks, we can improve our consumption, reduce our carbon footprint, and help to combat climate change as a collective.

Protects your property: Costly repairs and major inconveniences are just some of the consequences of surplus water escape — spurred by things like structural damage, mould and fungal growth, compromised electrical systems, and more. Detecting and fixing leaks at the earliest stage puts you in the best possible position to protect your assets.

Prevents water contamination: When water pressure drops as a result of a leak, pollutants are able to enter the pipe and travel through the network to the primary supply — which can be harmful to both people and the environment. Preventing water contamination is therefore essential in ensuring that our water is safe to drink, and freshwater supplies healthy. 

At Waterguard, we offer a range of leak detection products to help you identify and fix leaks in your home or business. Tapping into our portfolio of best-in-class technology, our team detects areas of concern quickly and accurately — minimising disruption to your property, helping you to save money, and protecting our environment too.

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