According to the Consumer Council for Water (CCW), 3.1 billion litres of water are lost everyday from leakage in England and Wales alone. Just to put that into perspective – that’s the staggering equivalent of 1,240 Olympic swimming pools!

From water hammer and extreme pressures to corrosion and ageing plumbing, anyone can fall victim to a leak – the important thing to remember is, prevention is the cure.

Fortunately, next generation technology can offer some answers and help kerb the crisis. Smart water leak detectors offer an integrated solution to not only monitor and manage usage, but to minimise wastage due to leaks – not least to mitigate the disruption and financial strain caused by emerging defects.

And with a comprehensive range of products on offer at Waterguard, there’s a BREEAM compliant solution to suit all applications and environments – from communal wet areas and construction sites to residential properties and commercial complexes.

How do water leak detectors work?

Each of Waterguard’s systems are typically situated at a property’s water entry point to track the flow of water through any pipeline as from the very first touch point, either by counting volume passing through a sensor or sonically recording time delays.

If any abnormalities are spotted, each of Waterguard’s water leak detector systems will immediately cut off the water supply with a solenoid valve, mitigating damage and cost risks as soon as they emerge, significantly reducing the volume of wastage.

These systems are completely adaptable to suit the user’s requirements, with a whole host of adjustable parameters and operational features – including maximum override time and options to customise a building’s time of occupancy.

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