Being a Waterwise Affiliate means to strengthen water efficiency in the UK. Waterwise are an independent, not-for-profit organisation focused on reducing water consumption. They challenge and support governments, industry, customers and others to be innovative and ambitious on water efficiency. Waterwise are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK, and without Supporters and Affiliates like Waterguard, they can’t drive water efficiency.

Waterwise actively support and challenge everyone to aim high on water efficiency for the sake of people, the environment and the economy. They work in a range of areas, including influencing and shaping policy and legislation; driving strategic and practical ambition in the water sector; just to name a few.

Waterwise also pride themselves on bringing together partners to enable change and to help demonstrate practical water efficiency actions. They promote water efficient products, services and innovation. Additionally, they help to make connections. In short, they do whatever is necessary in order to drive water efficiency.

Waterwise Supporters and Affiliates fund their work, allowing them to continue to be the leading water efficiency voice within the UK. Now that Waterguard are an Affiliate, we are helping to enable this voice and further the cause of reducing wasted water within the UK. Our support contributes to Waterwise core funding, and as they are a not-for-profit organisation, all funds are invested directly into driving greater water efficiency in the UK.

Climate change and population growth are increasing pressures on water resources in the UK. This is reflected in the increasing ambition to reduce per capita consumption that is being shown in the government, regulators and water companies. Waterwise’s Water Efficiency Strategy for the UK launched in June 2017 and has helped drive this ambition and provide evidence to support policy changes. The Strategy’s vision is a UK in which all people, homes and businesses are water efficient.

By working together, we are not only helping to aid Waterwise in their Water Efficiency Strategy for the UK and helping to decrease average water usage and wastage, we are also enabling Waterwise to use their independent voice in the UK to further drive change from the government to independent users of water.