Waterguard Series 7 – BREEAM Water Monitoring & Leak Detection Systems

Waterguard Series 7 – BREEAM Water Monitoring & Leak Detection Systems Technical specifications as well as all data sheets for the installation, operation and programming of the Waterguard Series 7 System  are available here.

Installation FAQs

Q. My water keeps going off when there are no leaks?
A. INSTALLING: Check power source is not battery, rewire correctly if not showing mains power. OPERATING: Check controls are not on permanent high. Also check what guard level the water is being monitored. If in guard change to per hour or half hour as advised by the engineer. Finally check that the date and time is correct.

Q. No water is passing through the 2” valve?
A. Our 2” valves include a flow adjustment. Please download the below for instructions.

Q. What is the minimum difference in pressure and where is the bypass on the valve?
A.  0.15 pressure difference. The bypass is on the neck of the valve, it looks like a flat head screw which turns clockwise slightly. You can test the operation of the valve by using a 9V battery on the pins.

If you require any further information please call our office on 01226 244200 and speak to our technical department.
Waterguard Series 7 - Technical Specification V19
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