UK Leak Detection Advice: What to do to prevent Water Leaks

UK Leak Detection Advice: What to do to prevent Water Leaks

UK Leak Detection Advice

As the UK’s leading provider of Water Leak Detection systems, Waterguard are best placed to advise on how to protect your property from the damage caused by burst and leaking water pipes. Should your water pipes or tanks suffer a burst or major leak, the Waterguard system will automatically shut off the water at the supply. This will protect your property from the considerable damage which could be caused if the burst when undetected.

First things first…

In the event that a leak has been detected and the Waterguard system has closed the valve, the first thing to do is locate the leak. It may be that a tap has been left running and is simply rectified. It may be a burst water pipe or a malfunctioning water tanks float valve is causing water to escape from the overflow. Problems like this should be repaired by a qualified plumber. It may be that the location of the leak is not obvious. You can check for the presence of a leak by setting the Waterguard controller at it’s most sensitive setting, make sure all water using devices are turned off and reopening the valve. If the Waterguard controller detects a leak it will quickly shut off the supply.

UK Leak Detection – Repairing the damage…

The first port of call is reporting the damage to insurers or building management as soon as possible, this will help speed up any admin processes down the line when it comes to recovering maintenance fees. The next step is to arrange for the damage to be assessed and the repair to be actioned. You’ll need a reputable plumber and depending on the amount of disruption that losing your water supply is causing, you might need one fast. If you’re a homeowner, ensure that you contact your insurer before contacting a plumber or they might not cover the costs or they may wish to provide you with one of their approved contractors. .

On with the paint brush…

Once the leak has happened, you will have to assess the damage caused by the water. This can often be costly, but if you managed to detect and locate the leak quickly all that might be required is a lick of paint. By installing a Waterguard leak detection system, you can ensure that you detect a leak before it causes major damage, allowing for a speedy repair. To speak to one of our UK leak detection and prevention specialists for domestic and commercial leak detection systems, you can call on +44 (0) 1226 244200 or browse our range of products across the site.