Water consumption is one of the leading costs and energy drains for property management. If not monitored carefully, you can quickly rack up a significant bill — which in addition, can cause significant harm to the environment.

While the past year has taught us all to prepare for the unexpected, it’s also brought sustainability into sharp focus, too. And, for those with a social conscience, protecting the future of our planet is of immeasurable importance.

As environmental credentials continue to find a place on society’s agenda, reducing wastewater and conserving precious resources should be high on everyone’s list of priorities.

How you can monitor your property’s water consumption, reduce costs, and detect leaks at source

At Waterguard, we take water seriously. We’re passionate about protecting one of the world’s most important reserves, designing systems to help our clients use water more efficiently and prevent the extensive damage caused when surplus amounts escape.

Our extensive range of water leak detection systems means you can reduce the consumption of water in a building by minimising wastage due to leaks. Such faults are largely responsible for major damage to property and often result in significant disruption and costs. It is, therefore, important to ensure that potential defects are detected and controlled as early as possible.

Whatever the scenario, if water begins to leak anywhere, it won’t be noticed until it’s too late – meaning the damage is often significant.

The Waterguard system protects against all that. Our range of products use a sophisticated pulse count to monitor different flow levels within a water system, to identify any leaks or unusual water consumption quickly and efficiently, alerting the customer to any problems — before any further damage is done. So, whatever level of protection you go for, the worst-case-scenario is 10 litres of water egress – which is far less destructive than a leak that runs overnight or longer.

In addition, we’re particularly proud that our Series 7 range of water leak detection systems is fully BREEAM compliant — allowing our customers to manage and mitigate the risks, from construction through to commissioning, operation, and occupation, and in turn drastically reducing running costs.

For further information on our certification, or to discuss a particular project, get in touch with one of our dedicated experts on 01226 244200.