While water management and water conservation share the same objective – in essence, to encourage better use of water and preserve one of the world’s most precious resources – it’s easy to forget that they do, in actual fact, differ largely in meaning.

To fulfil the ever-increasing water demand, an effective water management strategy is required to help fulfil demand and supply by the way of water conservation. In other words, the former involves the allocation of available water for the best utility, whereas the latter signifies the protection of available sources through efforts such as rain water harvesting, pollution prevention, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and leak prevention in commercial and residential properties.

Through the optimisation of use, water management seeks to secure the supply and protect the degradation of the world’s natural ecosystems – preserving aquatic life, properly disposing of chemical substances, and preventing fertilizer runoff from spurring toxic algal blooms in lakes and streams – to enable water as an essential resource to coexist with economic development.

On the other hand, water conservation focuses on sustaining freshwater as a natural resource for future generations, including both the quality and quantity of supply utilised.

Covering 70% of the Earth’s surface, it can be easy to think that this resource is plentiful. The reality is, freshwater – which we use for drinking, cleansing, and agricultural irrigation – comprises just 3% of this total, with a further two-thirds tucked away in frozen glaciers or otherwise unavailable for human use. As a result, scarcity is a major concern for some 1.1 billion people across the globe.

Once abundant, water is now a valuable commodity that continues to face unprecedented pressures from communities across the globe. That’s why it’s important we each play our part in preserving resources, where we can.

In terms of both water management and water conservation, introducing a smart leak detector into your home, site, or property is not only a straightforward solution to help play your part on the sustainability agenda, but pays dividends to your bottom line too.

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