The Construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group (CIREG) is a UK based professional body comprising risk management and civil engineering construction professionals working within the insurance industry. With their sector-specific knowledge and expertise, they provide insurers, clients, and contractors with advice on how to mitigate the risks of water damage on buildings undergoing construction and refurbishments – from design through to completion.

And, due to ongoing changes in materials, the construction industry has not been immune from the increasing number of water leaks resulting in major loss during construction – not least in terms of Builder’s Risk claims. From ruining interiors through damage to equipment and furnishings, to spurring the growth of mould and even causing the collapse of entire structures – water leaks can result in significant construction delays and heavy expenses.

That’s why the installation of CIREG compliant systems at the earliest stage is crucial – enabling you to monitor water flow across the entire span of the project and detect any potential risks as soon as they arise. Waterguard’s services can be implemented as part of an effective risk management strategy at any stage. Not only do we provide system-specific mitigations – including a means for rapidly shutting down the system when water flow is detected – we also offer in-house training and practical support to ensure a smooth handover between completion and occupation of our products.

Automatic water shut off
Automatic water shut off

Specialist Systems for Construction Sites

The Waterguard SiteGuard will automatically shut off the sites temporary water supply when the site is closed, automatically reinstating it when the site reopens. This system is easily programmable to the sites individual working hours for every day with a daily timer for precise programming of working hours.

Specifically designed to accommodate the specialist requirements of water usage on construction sites the SitGuard+ will detect any minor and major water leak; measuring water volume in litres, shutting off the water supply when a user specified volume is exceeded within a selected time period. When installed with automatic shut off valves this system fulfils the objectives of the CIREG guidance for permanent works water systems.

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Waterguard CIREG Procurement Guide

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