Here at Waterguard, we are dedicated to protecting and preserving this wonderful planet of ours, constantly asking the question ‘what could we do better?’, to guarantee a brighter environmental future for generations to come.
BREEAM is an international scheme, followed all over the world, which provides an independent, third-party certification by assessing the sustainability performance of buildings, communities, and even complex infrastructure projects.

After a thorough assessment period, led by a qualified and licensed BREEAM adjudicator, sustainability ratings, based on the overall environmental performance, are granted. The scheme measures sustainable value in a series of categories, from energy to ecology. And, each area aims to addresses the most influential factors, including low impact design and carbon emissions reduction, design durability and resilience, adaption to climate change, ecological value, and biodiversity protection.

One of the 10 categories — and the one that we’re particularly clued up on at Waterguard — is water. Encouraging sustainable use in the operation of the building and its site, as well as focusing on reducing portable water consumption over the course of a structure’s life — we exist to minimise losses or damage through leakage.As sustainability continues to move to the top of the priorities list for individuals, organisations, and even governments, it’s important that the right steps are being taken to ensure we are making the appropriate decisions for the future of our planet.

Which is why we’re particularly proud that our Series 7 range of water leak detection systems is fully BREEAM compliant — allowing our clients to manage and mitigate the risks, from construction through to commissioning, operation, and occupation, and in turn drastically reducing running costs.

Our range of products use a sophisticated pulse count to monitor different flow levels within a water system, to identify any leaks or unusual water consumption quickly and efficiently, alerting the customer to any problems — before any further damage is done.

Each and every Waterguard customer who walks through our figurative door is assigned their own project manager, who will ensure total BREEAM compliance is maintained throughout the development.

To read up on our BREEAM compliance guide, click here. And, for further information on our certification, or to discuss a particular project, get in touch with one of our dedicated experts on 01226 244200.