Living in a developed country like the UK, water resources and facilities exist in abundance – from drinking fountains and showers, to toilets and laundry outlets. And whether you’re sipping a glass of water or sitting in an air-conditioned office in the summer, plumbing expertise and industry advancements have contributed significantly to our daily routine.

But with 2.1 billion people across the globe lacking access to safe, readily available water at home there’s still a major disparity that must be challenged.

Today, March 11th, is World Plumbing Day – a fixture on the calendars of political and social institutions striving to raise awareness for the crucial importance of plumbing in protecting public health and safety.

Launched by the World Plumbing Council in 2009 – and first held on March 11th the following year – the initiative plays a vital role in orchestrating change and promoting the link between quality plumbing and health, environmental, and economic prosperity.

People from within and outside the plumbing industry are encouraged to learn, share knowledge, build connections, and find opportunities to collaborate to improve the quality of, and access to, fresh water and safe sanitation.

You don’t have to blow the budget and hold a special event to show your support – although that would also be wonderful. Simply sharing a social media post or newsletter with your customers, or placing World Plumbing Day posters around your workplace, is enough to make a difference.

Whether you’re a plumber or an installer – or even a customer – perhaps you could even recognise or celebrate a job well done with a snapshot or comment online.

Or, you could simply donate as much or as little as you’d like to a charitable cause, such as WaterAid – helping to spearhead the monumental effort to end the water, sanitation, and hygiene crisis.

Let’s all get involved in one way or another, and make a difference together.

We’d love to see what you get up to! Please share your contributions with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

To achieve its mission, the World Plumbing Council also has a powerful set of strategies to bolster the movement towards a more protected future. You can explore these on their website, today and beyond.