Here at Waterguard Services we are excited to celebrate Yorkshire Day – a day surrounding the celebration of everything this county brings.

Our base in Barnsley sets us at the heart of Yorkshire, and our staff are all based in Barnsley and the surrounding areas. Our Barnsley location allows us to serve both the North and the South of England, and also allow us to be close to our roots. Our town has a vivid history of mining, coal and glassmaking, meaning we are all no strangers to hard work. Furthermore, our location means we are in an ideal position to serve both the North and South of England.

Our town also borders on the Peak District, meaning we are on the doorstep of unrivalled natural beauty. Because of this, we place a heavy focus on both the impact of our products on the environment, but also on what our products can do for the environment.

Yorkshire Day is a day all about being proud to be from the largest county in England, as well as celebrating all that has come from it. Be that areas in Barnsley like Cannon Hall Farm, or locations further out in Yorkshire like York Minster, we are proud that such gorgeous landmarks are right at our front door, and proud to be serving our local community as well as the rest of the country.