Here at Waterguard providing great customer service is paramount to us. Not only to our clients but also our suppliers. In our experience working with distributors, our relationship reaches further than profitability. Sales are an important aspect for both parties but so too is the continued support around each sale, minimising potential errors that can result in project delays and unhappy clients.

Providing the benefits below, as we have with other distributors we can create a mutually beneficial relationship, ensuring satisfied clients continued business.

Our initial partnership emerged after one of our own clients specified they wanted Waterguard products to be used in a project we were working on. The scope of work was large – and demanding – but the support we received in terms of customer service and distribution help was superb and impressed the entire team.
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By taking advantage and joining our network of Preferred Distributor Partners, merchants can gain access to unique benefits.

Best Price Guaranteed

As a distribution partner, merchants are given a standard unique discounted pricing structure with further sales driven discounts available.   

Increased Sales

As the Distributor takes advantage of their reduced component costs, they can become more competitive in their market. Plus, referrals from Waterguard will strengthen and increase their customer base.

Product Support

Distributors can benefit from support from a dedicated Waterguard Technician providing on call technical assistance including product and installation training to clients.

Project Management

Due to the nature of the business distributors will often be involved in large projects spanning several months or years. In this instance distributors will have a dedicated project manager to provide an unrivaled all-round service to its customers.


Additional sales will be driven for distributors through several strategic marketing channels and campaigns.

Shorter Lead Times

By maintaining high levels of stock of standard sized systems and components, we can ship orders out as soon as the distributor needs them.

No Obligation

While we do hold a large stock of systems and components in accordance with the distribution partner’s annual usage, there is no obligation to purchase them.

No Minimum Order Requirements

Distribution Partner’s don’t need to worry about ordering extra parts just to fulfill minimum order requirements, there is no restriction on consignment size.

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