65mm – 150mm Electrical Actuator Valve

We supply a range of cast iron actuated butterfly valves for large applications which are unoccupied for long periods of time such as schools, colleges and office blocks to prevent water leaks in conjunction with our exclusive Waterguard Series 7 controllers. Actuator relay is also included as standard, please see separate data sheet for more information. 

Woltman Pulsed Cold Water Meters 54mm – 150mm

  • Wide measurement range and low starting flow rate
  • Cold Water up to 50 C
  • Hot Water up to 130 C
  • Rotor axle parallel to pipe axies
  • Roller-pointer counter housed in airtight casing
  • Easy read-out due to a freely adjustable rotary counter dial
  • Magnetic clutch
  • Removable measuring insert in covered casing
  • Conformity with the standards ISO4064, BS5728, ISO/DIS-10385
  • For measuring the flow and volume of the cold water with a temperature to 30°C or hot water with a temperature to 130°C in the closed-circuit systems with the full flow of the flux with maximum working pressure up to 16 Bar (PN16) with flange drilling option up to PN25 (2.5 MP)