Series 7 BREEAM Compliant WAT03 Major Water Leak Detection System

Designed specifically to fully comply with BREEAM WAT03 assessment criteria for water monitoring and leak detection, the Series 7 range of systems will detect any minor and major water leak both from the site boundary and internally within the building.

This range of systems can identify different flow levels using a pulse count sent to the Series 7 control panel after every 1 or 10 litres of water flow. Therefore identifying leakage rates, e.g. continuous, high and/or low level, over set time periods with a self-learning function which monitors normal consumption.

The Series 7 BREEAM compliant WAT03 major water leak detection system reduces the consumption of potable water through minimising wastage due to water leaks both internally and from the site boundary. This duel channel system includes two pulsed water meters; at the site boundary after the utilities meter and internally where the mains water supply enters the building. Multiple isolation valves can be added to either system to protect against the damage and disruption caused by leaks.

The controller is completely adaptable to suite the user’s requirements and water usage with several adjustable parameters and operational features listed.

Adjustable Parameters 

  • Two guard levels for when the building is occupied (low guard) and unoccupied (high guard)
  • Full 7-day timer for timed guard level switching
  • Water usage analysed by volume per ½ hour, hour, guard period or 24-hour periods

As well as BREEAM the Series 7 also complies with CIREG Best Practices. Download our CIREG Best Practice Guidance Compliance Guide for full details.

The Waterguard Series 7 is suitable for any commercial, public and industrial building, and high net worth residential properties. Examples of where the Series 7 is currently installed include: 

  • Office Buildings
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Data Centres
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manor Houses
  • Mixed Use
  • Business Parks
  • Government Buildings
  • Museums
  • Leisure Centres

Q. Can the Series 7 be used for temporary supply?
A. Yes if you also require water monitoring. If you simply need a system which isolates the water at pre-set times, we have the Waterguard SiteGuard recommended by CAR insurers.

Q. There is no power to the building between 7pm-7am, will the system still work on back up battery?
A. Yes, if the controller does not go without mains power for longer than 12 hours and not exposed to freezing conditions. The batteries would also need replacing sooner.

Q. Can the Series 7 isolate the water at pre-set times rather than waiting for a certain amount of water to flow?
A. Yes, when setting high guard times and volumes.

Q. What is the maximum pressure for the valve.
A. 10 bar, anything higher would require a pressure reduction valve.

Q. Can I set a maximum water usage?
A. Yes, you can set a maximum water volume over a 24-hour period.

Q. What is the maximum distance allowed between the water meter(s) and control panel?
A. 200 meters, using screened 1.5mm cable.

Q. Can I override the Series 7 whilst flushing the system.
A. Yes, for a maximum of 45 minutes.

Q. Will Waterguard interfere with the BMS during testing and commissioning of the system?
A. No

Q. Can I use Waterguard on the temporary and permanent water supplies to provide protection during the construction phase?
A. Yes, parameters and can be altered at any time to suit the current phase and water usage of the building.

Series 7 BREEAM Compliant WAT03 Major Water Leak Detection System


Key Product Features

  • Activated by irregular flow levels identified by the consumer.
  • Audible and visible alarm when activated by a detected leak.
  • An integrated back-up battery will continue to power the controller for many weeks in the event of a mains power loss.
  • Available with or without an automatic solenoid shut off valve dependent on application
  • Compatible with water meters with pulsed outputs of 1, 10 & 100 Litres per pulse
  • Meter reading visible at the controller
  • Output link available to BMS
  • Full events log for checking detailed activity
  • Records and displays the maximum and minimum litres of water used in high and low guard periods
  • Override function for unlimited water for a controlled period of up to 90 minutes
  • Shut off the water supply in high guard
  • Available for pipe sizes 15mm to 150mm
  • 12V and 240V versions available
  • 24-hour maximum water usage allowance
  • Compatible with Waterguard DataCom for offsite alerts via SMS
  • Optional Waterguard Pulse Splitter allowing an additional pulse count to be sent to the BMS


Installation requires a plumber and a qualified electrician. During installation of any plumbing components it is important to ensure that no dirt or debris enter either the water meter or valve(s). A technical helpline is available to electricians to aid in the wiring installation of the Series 7.

Looking for an installer? We have Approved Specialist Waterguard Installers across the UK and Chanel Islands, visit our Service Centre for more information. 

Waterguard Service Centre – Installation  


All Waterguard products are available to buy from us direct and you can open a 30-day EOM account after your first order. Alternatively, we can prepare a quote for you and you can order through your local merchant.

We have a list of preferred suppliers who are fully trained with extensive knowledge of our product range. They can, at a local level, assist in specifying the right Waterguard solution for you project:


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APC will notify you as soon as your order has been dispatched from our warehouse and provide a delivery timeslot on the day of delivery. You will also be able to track and manage your delivery via the APC portal or call the office and we will sort it for you.  

Commissioning & Maintenance

Once installed it is advised to run the 7 day audit to establish what the normal water usage for the building is once fully operational. Maintenance would be to strip and clean any connected valves where in hard water areas. Please visit our Service Centre below for information regarding obtaining a Waterguard commissioning certificate.

Waterguard Service Centre – Commissioning 


All Waterguard controls are covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Please download the below document for full terms and conditions.

Waterguard Services Limited – Warranty Terms and Conditions

Waterguard Services Limited Official Returns Policy


Compatible Products

The Waterguard input signal pulse splitter enables the output pulse from a water meter to be shared with a BMS or other building monitoring device. Operating power supplied is 12VDC which can also be used to power the Series 7 controller or any other device with the same output.

Waterguard Pulse Splitter – Mains Power V19

The Watergaurd DataCom provides a remote water leak notification service. Designed to work in conjunction with Waterguard water leak detection and prevention systems, the DataCom provides offsite notifications when a leak is detected.

Waterguard DataCom – Product Information