Waterguard Solo

The Waterguard Solo system is part of the Waterguard Home range of products and was developed specifically for rented accommodation as a result of feedback from customers and their insurance providers, to protect property from the damage caused by burst and leaking pipes. This system includes only WRAS approved plumbing components and controls included on the Water Technology List.

This system protects properties by monitoring water usage from the incoming water mains using a flow sensor that allows continuous water flow for a limited time before the controller suspects a leak and automatically shuts off the water with a solenoid valve.

The Waterguard Solo has one level of guard (maximum time of continuous flow) which is usually set by the installer, landlord or concierge with the controls often located in riser cupboards or basements.


Waterguard Solo Technical Specification

System Features 

Integrated Back-Up Battery Will continue to power the controller and protect the property for many weeks in the event of loss of mains power.
Output Alarm The controller has an output alarm which can be used to send a signal to the Building Management System to alert when a leak has been detected.
Guard Level The default setting is a maximum of 30 minutes continuous flow before the system will shut off the water supply. This can be changed to allow a maximum of 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes.
Controls The water can be both shut off and reinstated using the simple bush button controls.
Maintenance During the night the Solo will close and open the valve once  to ensure that the valve will operated reliably. Valve cycling will not occur if the valve is already closed.
Power Options The Solo benefits from the flexibility of either 12V or 240V.

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