Waterguard Puddle Sensor – Alarm

The Waterguard Puddle is the latest development in multi zone water leak detection technology. Its language free control unit requires no setup or maintenance making it the easiest system on the market to install and operate.

Each system can monitor up to 5 water leak detection channels using various water sensing devices dependent on application. These include, water sensing cable or tape, water sensing feet and/or float switches.


Configuration Options:

  • Cover up to 5 zones with 5 water leak detection channels

  • Sequential audio and visual alerts to indicate which channel has alarmed

  • Alarm only as standard with option to automatically shut off the water supply

  • Intelligent sensing, the Puddle will not re-alarm if the amount of water contacting the water sensing devices remains the same

  • Output connection available to Waterguard DataCom, BMS or intruder alarm

  • Fast and simple installation, no set up required

  • Included on the Water Technology List and therefore eligible for enhanced capital allowance

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