Waterguard Domestic Puddle Sensor

Specially developed to work independently or with our Waterguard Home system the Waterguard Puddle is designed to detect a single drop of water in any area of your home. The domestic puddle comes in a battery powered version only which will last up to 10 years under normal operation. The key features of this stand-alone water sensing box is the 4 water sensing feet on the underside of the controller which can be wired remotely from the control box. As an independent unit the Domestic Puddle can also be wired to an intruder alarm for use as a secondary alarm (up to 30 meters away).

Several alert choices are available for this smart system; please see the configuration options for full information.


Configuration Options:

  • Can be paired with a communication booster or pre-installed Waterguard Home to act as a secondary alarm and also shut off the water supply where an automatic solenoid valve is installed
  • When zoning areas, the multiple Puddles can be paired with a remote display (in addition to a communication booster or SMS text alert module) or pre-installed Waterguard Home system in order to identify which zones have alerted
  • A SMS Text Alert module will act as a secondary alarm alerting up to 3 mobile numbers of all activity within the configured Puddle system

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