Waterguard PIR Water Supply Isolator Systems

Available for pipe sizes 15mm – 35mm these sensory systems are designed to work with Waterguard solenoid valves to isolate the water supply in specific regularly frequented wet areas; toilets, shower rooms, kitchens and even water fountains. The unit is sensory activated switching the water supply on when a person enters the room and off with an adjustable time delay when the person exits. The system also has two relay connections allowing it to be used to activate a secondary mains power relay to isolate the lighting and mains supply into the same room. These systems can also be installed in conjunction with our Series 7 systems to gain maximum BREEAM WAT03 credits.


Waterguard PIR Water Supply Isolator - Technical Specification

Features Include 

  • Controls up to three water supply pipes from 15mm to 35mm for Hot, Cold and Rain/Grey water
  • Isolates two 3amp relays for powered valves or other systems
  • The controller can include up to 6 remote PIR sensors for multi-room or complex rooms without line of sight for one PIR controller
  • An adjustable delay of 20 seconds to 20 minutes is available to shut off the water supply when no presence is detected;

Please download the full technical specification for complete details.

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