Waterguard PIR Water Supply Isolator Systems

This is a BREEAM WAT04 compliant system consisting of a passing infra-red controller and up to three solenoid valves. These PIR systems isolate the water supply in any W/C, changing rooms, or any other wet area when not in use, limiting the risk of water damage.

The unit is activated, and the water supply opened when a person enters the room. Available for pipe sizes 15mm – 35mm the system can activate up to 3 valves for the hot, cold and grey water supply. Once the room is vacated there is an adjustable delay before the water supply is isolated, which can be set between 6 seconds and 20 minutes.

When the timer is first activated it will run for the period set by the installer. If the timer is again activated before it has reached the set period, the time will reset to the period set. This ensures uninterrupted supply in heavily frequently areas, once there is no more movement being detected then the timer will expire after the set time and the valves will close and the relays will switch off.

These systems are used in any wet area; toilets, shower rooms, kitchens and even water fountains in addition to one of our two metered Waterguard Water Leak Series 7 systems to add extra protection and also conserve water.

Q. Does the PIR have a volt free relay to control power?
A. The PIR has 2 volt free relays to control both power and lighting.

Q. How many remotes can be linked to one PIR controller?
A. Up to 6 remotes.

Waterguard PIR Water Supply Isolator Systems


Key Product Features

  • 2 relay connections to activate a secondary mains power relay to isolate the lighting and mains supply.
  • Up to 6 secondary PIR remote sensors can be connected to the main PIR controller and located in adjoining rooms which share the same water supply or areas out of sight of the main controller.
  • Fully compliant with BREEAM WAT04 automatic shut off requirements.
  • Adjustable delay between 6 seconds and 20 minutes.
  • Cost effective – cover everything from one unit.


An appropriately qualified electrician is required for installation. These are available in ceiling surface mounted and wall mounted configurations the PIR sensor has a range of 10 metres. The unit must be located so the sensor can detect movement within its field of view. If the PIR controller cannot be located where all movement will be within its field of view, an additional PIR remote sensors may be used.

Looking for an installer? We have Approved Specialist Waterguard Installers across the UK and Chanel Islands, visit our Service Centre for more information.

Waterguard Service Centre – Installation 


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Commissioning & Maintenance

Once installed and tested the Waterguard PIR water supply isolator requires no commissioning, it is however important to log the chosen settings applied for your records. Minimal maintenance would be to strip and clean any connected valves, frequency dependent on application.


All Waterguard controls are covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Please download the below document for full terms and conditions.

Waterguard Services Limited – Warranty Terms and Conditions

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Compatible Products

Install the PIR water supply isolators in conjunction with the Waterguard Series 7  BREEAM Compliant WAT03 Major Water Leak Detection System for maximum BREEAM credits.

Waterguard Series 7  BREEAM Compliant WAT03 Major Water Leak Detection System – Product Information