A CIREG compliant means of managing escape of water risk on construction sites. The Waterguard SiteGuard is an automatic water isolation system for temporary water supplies, automatically isolating the water outside working hours and reinstating it when the site is active.


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Water damage is a common and costly issue on construction sites. From damaged materials to delays in project timelines, the impact can be significant. To prevent water damage on construction sites, there are specific guidelines and recommendations outlined in the CIREG Best Practice Guidance written by the CAR insurance group, this includes compliance requirements and recommendations plus instructions on how to complete a site specific water management plan. Take a look at our CIREG Procurement Guide for systems which cover temporary and mains water supplies.

Out of hours water damage

Two in three large loss claims on construction sites occur out of hours, Designed specifically with Contractors All Risk in mind, the Waterguard SiiteGuard system is a cost-effective way of eliminating the risk of water damage out of operational hours on any construction site.

This system will automatically shut off the sites temporary water supply when the site is closed, automatically reinstating it when the site reopens. This system is easily programmable to the sites individual working hours for every day with a daily timer for precise programming of working hours.


  • CIREG Best Practice compliant for temporary water supplies.
  • Connect to 2 valves with independent channels.
  • Allocate channel names based on location.
  • Each separate channel controlled by 2 time periods for alternative days allowing for flexibility and added protection during short site closures.
  • Available for pipe sizes up to 150mm.
  • Manual bypass to reinstate the water without touching the controls.
  • Weatherproof enclosure for the control panel.
  • Available with 12VDC or 230V AC mains power.


The Waterguard SiteGuard is primarily designed for the temporary water supply on construction sites, any size up to 150mm to provide out of hours automatic shut off. For water monitoring on construction sites please refer to our Waterguard SiteGuard+. 

This system can also be used in any building needing to isolate the water supply at preset times determined by the user or as a means of legionella prevention in pipework.

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