Solo water leak detection and prevention


Residential water leak detection and prevention system designed for rented and multiple occupancy accommodation.


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This system protects properties by monitoring water usage from the incoming water mains using a flow sensor that allows continuous water flow for a limited time before the controller suspects a leak and automatically shuts off the water with a solenoid valve.

The Waterguard Solo has one level of guard (maximum time of continuous flow) which is usually set by the installer, landlord or concierge with the controls often located in riser cupboards or basements. This system fits pipework 15mm to 28mm.

Optional guard levels; 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes available. The default setting is a maximum of 30 minutes continuous flow before the system will shut off the water supply.

The Solo includes only WRAS approved plumbing components.


The Waterguard Solo is a residential water leak prevention system most suitable for high rise and multi-occupancy properties.

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