Sandhurst Plumbing & Maintenance Ltd is a medium sized company specialising in residential and commercial plumbing services. Part of Sandhurst Construction Limited trading since 2001, their focus is on plumbing and gas installation and maintenance, trace and access and leak detection, drainage works, annual plumbing checks, boiler, and cylinder services, HIU servicing, landlord’s gas safety inspections, etc. Their commercial and residential plumbing professionals are available for all aspects of your plumbing needs.

Engineers are highly skilled, registered professionals delivering outstanding quality services on all plumbing and gas works in accordance with the national standards and relevant building regulations. To enable them to provide an all-round service they also utilise several trusted and qualified sub-contractors to cover trades through their partner company Sandhurst Construction Ltd.

Although specialist in plumbing and heating, Sandhurst Construction also covers most construction industry trades. The types of work offered are domestic refurbishments, pro-active and re-active maintenance, insurance claim remedial and rectification works. FIRAS accredited they offer passive fire protection, fire door surveys and installations.

Their clients include property management companies and letting agents, private schools and colleges, main building contractors, domestic clients, and landlords for whom they have provided services for many years.

Waterguard Approved Installer

Noticing the increasing demand for water leak detection Sandhurst included the service to their portfolio. Seeing Waterguard systems were specified for water leak detection in their tenders they made contact to learn more about them. In 2022 they became an Approved Waterguard Installer. As an Approved Installer Sandhurst are able to specify the right Waterguard water leak detection system to suit their client’s needs, as well provide expert installation for Waterguard referrals.


Sandhurst’s client came to them due to recommendation from one of the property management companies that use their services. Their insurer had requested the installation of water leak detection as part of their insurance renewal conditions on their central London town house.

Having looked at what was currently on the market they turned to Sandhurst for advice as the majority of residential systems available were more suited to smaller dwellings or were battery operated. This is something they did not want as they didn’t want the additional maintenance required or to run the risk of the system failing due to battery problems.

Also, they needed a system with features to accommodate the large property and its complex plumbing systems plus suit a home which was frequently left unoccupied. But most importantly the chosen system would need to be insurer approved.


The client wanted a system that would not only protect their property and satisfy their insurance requirements but one that they could set up and then forget about as it works in the background. After consultation Sandhurst recommended the Waterguard Flow 7 system.

Waterguard Flow 7

The Waterguard Flow 7 monitors every litre of water flowing through the property automatically isolating the supply if it detects irregular usage. But how would they know what their normal usage is? In this case the client utilised the systems audit function which records usage based on settings previously inputted on the system. Once installed and after running for one week, the client called the 24-hour Waterguard technical support line where an engineer talked them through setting their parameters based on the audit results.

Another concern for the client was that they were often away from the property for long periods or on short notice. With the Waterguard Flow 7 installed they can isolate the water supply at the touch of the button, or the system will automatically go into high protection mode if there is no water used in 25 hours.

The client was really happy with the whole process. We use Waterguard time and again for the quality and specifications of the systems. Yes, there are other systems on the market that will monitor water usage but not many with the added features that make it workable in an occupied environment. Waterguard is also a very cost-effective solution and delivery is always prompt.
Tony Bradley, Managing Director, Sandhurst Plumbing.

Waterguard and Sandhurst continue to collaborate providing water leak detection services to East London and the surrounding areas and the client rests easy in the knowledge that their property and possessions are protected.

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