Western Automation

Forming part of UK Electric Ltd, Western Automation specialises in the technical sale and distribution of HVAC, electrical and process controls, and automation products which regulate, monitor, and measure energy, liquids, and gases in buildings.

Western Automation supplies a range of products which meet the needs of its customers – to create a single-source supply solution.

We spoke to UK Electric commercial manager, James Ellis, to find out why Waterguard is one of the firm’s preferred suppliers.

Western Automation is committed to providing the highest quality products, sourced from the world’s best manufacturers, all while upholding unrivalled customer service. That’s why, it’s vital that our own suppliers really do share our values.

The crux of our business is supplying field devices into building energy management systems (BEMS) – providing all the necessary components which allow that building to operate – including sensors, valves, and power protection etc.

Where Waterguard fits in, is by supplying us with the solutions to ensure that if there are any issues within the finished structure – such as a dripping tap, leaking pipe, or other costly faults – the right person is notified via the facility’s BEMS.

While residents are more than likely to notice a leak in their home or small office, for commercial landlords, developers, and facilities managers, there’s less chance of water egress being spotted prior to causing significant damage – particularly if the problem arises in a place people don’t often visit.

Waterguard isn’t a ‘box-shifting’ manufacturer. The team will go above the norm in terms of making sure the customer is fully satisfied with the installation, speaking to the end-user about installation, and examining any faults which do occur – to understand what caused them and prevent them happening again. That, to us, provides complete peace of mind when recommending their solutions to our own loyal customers.

Why work with Waterguard?

Some of our biggest customers specify they want Waterguard products used on their builds – and there’s a reason for this.

Although we deal with other leak detection suppliers, the initial partnership emerged after one of our own clients specified they wanted Waterguard products to be used in a project we were working on. The scope of work was large – and demanding – but the support we received in terms of customer service and distribution help was superb and impressed the entire team.

Of course, when we’re given the opportunity to choose our own supplier, there are several we could choose from. But often, the dynamics of one operation doesn’t quite fit with our own – particularly in terms of sourcing and stocking.

In the case of Waterguard, there’s genuine value for the distributor as well as that all-important support from the manufacturer too. Furthermore, the stream of customer referrals – in both directions – as well as the pipeline of bringing in products, and the R&D they constantly invest in is commendable.