Working with domestic and commercial clients throughout the South of England, Damson Mechanical is a leader in the supply of gas and oil plumbing, heating, sanitary, ventilation, and renewable energy services to the private and public sectors.

Keen to deliver cost-effective, technology-led solutions that increase both comfort and efficiency of the end-result, Damson has been working with Waterguard for several years now. We spoke to director, Ashley Smith, to find out a little more about his experience.

Damson was established in 2010, primarily as a heating and plumbing contractor to the residential construction industry – cutting our teeth on new builds across luxury apartments and high-end housing developments. Since then, our portfolio has extended into commercial and mechanical engineering support for industrial properties too.


We came across Waterguard while searching for a product to satisfy the criteria for a project we were undertaking for Mildren Construction – one of the larger main contractors in our region – which included BREEAM one, two, and three leak detection as part of the specification.

As we went to market for a supplier, Waterguard were recurrently coming out on top and, having discussed the options available, we were impressed with how ‘on the ball’ the team are – plus, the price is competitive, and the staff at Waterguard are most-knowledgeable and willing to help.

We were impressed by how straightforward the Waterguard devices are to install, once you know what you’re doing. Even so, the first time we worked together, an engineer made the journey to Exeter – from Waterguard’s base in Yorkshire – to commission the control units and show our team how to do so in future.


Damson and Waterguard have collaborated on a trio of projects to-date, installing around 25 units in total, with the scope for many more – particularly as leak detection seems to be driven, in part, by BREEAM ambitions from our clients.

As time goes on, it is becoming more apparent to us that leak detection should be factored into any building project – because it really does prove its worth when something goes wrong. Usually, it’s up to the client to specify whether the site should have such solutions in place but, the money it costs to install is neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things.

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