While we did look at other potential solutions, MWA is always keen to support our own customer-base wherever possible. That’s why we moved to Waterguard in 2019 – and have remained a loyal customer ever since.


MWA Technology prides itself on offering the correct products for the right metering application and has been a Waterguard partner since 2019. We spoke to technical director at MWA Technology, Dennis Hirons, to find out what made for such a great relationship.

Although it’s very much a supplier-to-supplier relationship, we both appreciate the other’s role in the wider supply chain – and the demands placed on us by our own customers. To date, we’ve worked on 12 projects, and the Waterguard solution complies with the metering products we offer. This, in turn, provides a seamless, integrated solution for the end user.

It’s not just about finding the right equipment though, the customer support offered by the team has been second-to-none, particularly in terms of any troubleshooting or delivery queries. Our company has spent many years developing a comprehensive meter range for the commercial, industrial, and domestic market and, likewise, we appreciate the time and effort Waterguard puts into its own R&D.

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