The risks water damage poses on any property are abundant and the costs associated, exceptionally high. Structural damage, loss of irreplaceable items and risks to occupants’ health due to spurring mould and fungal growth are all common consequences of water damage.

For commercial properties theses consequences can be far greater due to the financial impact of replacing stock and equipment. Plus, the immeasurable cost of business downtime during restoration. Adding the cost of restoration and alternative premises plus increased insurance premiums, everyone we speak with who have experienced a water leak agree it is an inconvenient nightmare.

Here at Waterguard we can provide annual service contracts which can include checking the initial installation, testing all system functions rectifying any issues, dismantling and cleaning any water isolation valves with limescale remover and recommissioning of the system to ensure the system settings are suitable for the current occupiers needs.

We are pleased to partner with Diamond Controls for servicing and maintenance of our leak detection systems. With an in-house team of dedicated, experienced service engineers and the back-up of 20 years of experience in the industry, Diamond Controls offers annual servicing and maintenance visits including full auditing and condition reports. Their service visits comply with the requirements of SFG20 for water leak detection system maintenance and reports are fully documented via digital operations software for real-time reporting to offer clients efficient and consistent record keeping. Diamond Controls holds several accreditations including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Safe Contractor, SMAS and Constructionline Gold.


One of the most common causes of water damage insurance claims is due to lack of maintenance of water systems. An in-depth analysis into £8.2 million pounds of recent claims due to slow leaks and burst pipes conducted by Zurich wear and tear accounted for 53% of slow leak claims and 44% of claims due to burst pipes.
waterguard a fox systems Waterguard Water Leak Protection Systems
waterguard a fox systems Waterguard Water Leak Protection Systems

Older discontinued systems can be maintained up to and sometimes past their indicated end of life if regular preventative maintenance visits are carried out, but these systems are often neglected or at times the occupier can be unaware of its installation.

In recent years we have helped many owners of the old WaterGuard systems as the sole point of contact with knowledge and experience of this range of systems (manufactured and supplied by A Fox Systems Limited). Installed 15+ years ago, these systems have now reached the end of their lifespan and may require replacement.

Suitable replacements for residential properties include the insurer approved Waterguard 12V Home and the Waterguard 240V Solo. For commercial properties we have the Series 7 range of water monitoring systems to suit any application and water usage.

To help establish your maintenance or replacement needs we provide no obligation site surveys for projects involving multioccupancy properties and large complex mixed-use buildings. Please follow the link below to complete our Site Survey request form and we will book an engineer for you. Or use the contact us form below and one of water leak detection specialists will contact you to discuss your project.

We are partnered with Aquentis, experienced water leak detection installation and maintenance providers. They believe regular servicing of your leak detection systems ensures their reliability when you need them the most. Having a regularly service is far more cost effective than the expense of emergency callouts and repairs. Contact Aquentis today with any of your mainentance needs.