Conserving Water

The need for sustainable buildings is on the increase with monetary and ecological incentives available for the conservation of water and reducing carbon emissions by recycling and reducing waste.

Our exclusive range of systems will not only help you save water but ensure that your green buildings remain sustainable as they use water as a renewable resource. 

Water resources are under pressure and water costs are on the increase, therefore conserving water makes sense on many levels.

With time, all water delivery systems will deteriorate which makes maintaining system efficiency virtually impossible unless there are indicators strategically installed to highlight changes in consumption. Fitting one of our Waterguard systems will monitor water consumption, highlight deterioration in efficiency and stop water flow in the event of a burst.

Waterwise, our new partner, have a strong focus on protecting the environment and eliminating wasted water with their Energy Efficiency Strategy by driving the ambition to reduce per capita consumption that is being shown in the government, regulators and water companies. They actively support and challenge everyone to aim high on water efficiency for the sake of people, the environment and the economy. By becoming Waterwise affiliate, we are further able to grow and aid them in the way of conserving water and protecting the environment.

The efficient use of water and immediate response to burst and leaking water systems is one of the most effective ways of conserving water and protecting the environment.

Our vast experience with schools, colleges and universities has seen delivered savings approaching 30% of annual usage meeting the national benchmark for reducing water waste and with new strict council budgets can also save money on water bills and any repairs necessary due to the damaged caused by a burst or leaking water system. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our water saving tips and help on how to keep your property safe from the damage caused by frozen pipes.

We supply and manufacture an exclusive range of water leak detection and prevention equipment to suit any type of application, including: