Protecting Property

Whether you are a home owner, property manager or building contractor, protecting your property against the damage caused by burst and leaking water pipes is essential.

We help prevent water damage at each step of any buildings’ development, initially as a building site all the way to full occupancy; we have the right system for your residential, commercial and industrial water leak detection requirements.

A burst or leaking water pipe can cause a huge amount of damage in a very short period and often goes unnoticed until irreparable damage has been done.

Unoccupied properties are especially vulnerable to this. Schools that are closed at evenings, weekends and holidays; buildings under construction; domestic dwellings empty during the working day or holiday times are all high risk periods where a burst pipe can run unnoticed for hours or even days resulting in extensive water damage repair and restoration.

Insurance companies increasingly agree that water damage now ranks with fire as responsible for the majority of material damage loss.

This is why they encourage property owners/developers to invest in water leak detection equipment to safe guard against it offering incentives such as reduced cost water damage insurance and tailor made insurance premiums.

We supply and manufacture an exclusive range of water leak detection and prevention equipment to suit any type of application, including: 

  • The Waterguard Series 7 range of systems which including our BREEAM recognised system.
  • The Waterguard Home range for single and multiple occupancy residential properties and small businesses.
  • The Waterguard Wash Room PIR system which help towards BREEAM WAT03 accreditation.