Saving Money

According to a new report* the average water bill has risen by 64% in the last decade and by no doubt will continue to rise.

This indicates the increasing importance of monitoring individual water usage and preventing unnecessary costs caused by burst and leaking water systems. By installing one of our water leak detection systems you can also avoid the cost of water damage repair and the possibly thousands of pounds of excess requested by your insurer.

The DEFRA strategy report “Future Water” states that, in England the average person uses approximetly 150 litres of water a day. A burst water pipe will waste this in 5 minutes. 

One in five home insurance claims made on buildings and contents insurance relates to damage caused by escape of water, in 2010 a total of 371,000 claims were made with 103,000 taking place in December at an estimated cost of £680 million. These figures are improving however as more and more insurers are insisting on the installation of water leak prevention equipment into each home they insure, especially our Waterguard Home System which is a easily operated, low cost and low maintenance way to keep your home protected. 

Once water passes through your water meter you’ve paid for it, its your water. Not only do you have to pay to repair the damage caused by a burst and leaking water pipe but for the water which has caused it.

Efficient water usage is both cost effective and good for the environment and also easy to achieve with a specially developed Waterguard system. The initial expense of installing a Waterguard system is a long term investment that continues to deliver savings year after year as one serious water pipe burst costs much more than the Waterguard system installed to prevent them.

We supply and manufacture an exclusive range of water leak detection and prevention equipment to suit any type of application, including: