Stop the damage caused by burst and leaking water pipes and protect your property, house, apartment or small business.

The Waterguard Home system monitors the time in which water flows through your supply resetting each time the flow is stopped. The home owner sets a maximum time for water to flow continuously. When this is reached, Waterguard Home automatically activates the stop valve cutting off the water supply into the property. Two guard levels (LOW for building occupied and HI for building unoccupied) enable you to switch easily between the recommended 25 minutes and 1 minute allowances of water flow. These time periods can be adjusted to suit the owner’s needs with the option to completely cut off the water supply by selecting 0 minutes when unoccupied.

The language free controller makes using the Waterguard Home System simple. Located conveniently for easy access, once set the unit requires no further attention.

Once your Waterguard Home system has been installed and the guard levels set (HI guard = unoccupied, LOW guard = occupied) you can relax and forget all about it as it protects your home. If your property is fitted with an intruder alarm, the guard levels can be switched in line with the alarm settings, otherwise you can simply push the button on the conveniently located remote display to alternate between the two.

The Waterguard Home range is suitable for most sizes and types of residence and small business. Quick and easy to install for pipe sizes from 15mm to 35mm diameter.

The Waterguard Home range of water leak detection equipment have been protecting apartments, town houses, large country dwellings, offices and shops for many years. Whatever type of property you have there is a Waterguard system to suit your needs. Also, this range not only conserves water, saves you money on your utilities bill and homeowner’s insurance but the entire Waterguard range attracts Enhanced Capital Allowance enabling businesses to claim a 100% first year capital allowance on investments, against the taxable profits of the period of investment.

This range has many unique features and options, making it the best solution for water leak prevention. These include:

  • Remote wireless controller to enable convenient location
  • Easy to use language free controller
  • Suitable for pipe sizes 15mm to 35mm in diameter
  • Two guard levels for when the property is occupied and unoccupied
  • Intruder alarm integration for automatic guard switching
  • Continuous operation with rechargeable back up battery
  • Function to switch water supply on and off from the remote controller
  • Hard wired version for new build homes
  • SMS text alert in the event of a leak
  • Modular DIN rail version for multiple occupancy applications
  • Operating voltage of 12V DC for safe, easy installation and use.
  • Add up to 5 Waterguard Rest Switches to restore the water supply from any room
  • Floodguard water leak detector sensor