Recovering from the damage caused by burst and leaking water pipes is a traumatic and expensive experience.

Loved items can never be replaced; lost time can never be restored. Therefore it makes sense to put in place preventative measures at a fraction of the cost of an escape of water claim. With winters becoming more extreme and water leaks from burst pipes more common, property managers, building service engineers and caretakers are turning to our range of water leak detection equipment to protect against water leak damage.

Research done by in 2012 showed that escape of water was the top cause for home insurance claims taking up a staggering 16% of total claims in 2012.

In 2010 371,000 such claims were made averaging a cost of just under £2,000 each, in December alone 103,000 of these claims were made for burst pipe damage at an estimated cost of £680 million.

Insurance providers are increasingly offering incentives to customers who have water leak prevention systems in their property.  Ask your insurer.

The cost of fitting a Waterguard Water Leak Prevention system is often less than the excess to be paid before your insurer pays out. With many insurers insisting on water leak prevention in order to fully provide home owners and contents insurance and others offering lower excess premiums, it is financially advantageous at this time to compare home insurance asking your insurance provider about water leak detection today.

Leading insurance providers Aviva insurance recognise the importance in the   reduction of escape of water claims which is why Waterguard are now included on the   Aviva Insurance preferred list of well established and proven supply companies.

From October 2016 Waterguard will be working with leading insurance provider Aviva   to offer their commercial clients the opportunity to protect their world against the   threat of escape of water. As an Aviva client you will benefit from discounted product   pricing as we utilise a range of technologies either separately or in combination to   design an appropriate solution for any property.