Protect any type of commercial, industrial or public building and its contents from the damage caused by a major water leak or burst in the delivery system.

When a leak happens, it causes an enormous amount of damage and needs to be stopped quickly. But stopping the water supply can be difficult, especially if a building is unoccupied, where an undetected leak can cause irreparable damage. With a huge range of features including a 7 day timer to switch between levels of protection for occupied and unoccupied buildings and sites and a two channel version for BREEAM applications including meters and valves sizes to suit all pipes diameters, the Series 7 range has everything for all requirements.

This range is designed to monitor the water supply in any given site, building, floor or room for properties with pipe diameters from 15mm to 150mm as standard.

The series 7 controller is at the heart of our entire Series 7 range enabling flexibility to suit all applications from complex residential properties, schools and all commercial and industrial buildings and sites. Public buildings which are closed for long periods like schools and colleges are particularly vulnerable to damage where burst pipes can go undetected for hours, days or even weeks. When the water leak detection system detects a larger than usual amount of water usage, it can automatically shut off the water supply immediately, limiting damage and minimising inconvenience for home owners, property managers and caretakers. No building is too big or too small for the Series 7 range. The Series 7 controller can deliver protection 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

The Series 7 range monitors water consumption in litres per half hour, hour, guard period or day. Available in single channel and two channel versions.

This system in the range consists of a Series 7 controller and a pulsed water meter to be located in the plant room/mains water area (secondary boundary water meter required for WAT03 BREEAM credits). The consumer selects maximum water flow levels allowed which are monitored litre by litre. The volume of water in litres can be monitored per half hour, per hour, per guard period or per whole day with the minimum resolution being 1 litre in any 24 hours and the maximum 5,000 m³ per ½ hour. If this maximum is exceeded the Series 7 controller will notify the building facilities manager/nominated personnel that there is a possible leak for them to manually switch off the water supply and investigate the problem. The volume of water in the selected periods, if exceeded can actuate the automatic valve when installed and shut off the supply.

With a comprehensive list of features and accessories the Series 7 range is the ideal solution to protect any building. Features include:

  • An audible and visual alarm when activated by detecting a burst or leaking water supply
  • Is activated when the flow of water passing through the water meter is at a flow rate above a pre-set maximum for a pre-set period of time
  • The ability to identify different flow rates and therefore leakage rates, e.g. continuous, high and/or low level, over set time periods
  • Is programmable to suit the owner/occupiers’ water consumption criteria
  • One and two channel versions for BREEAM compliance
  • Compatible with water meters with pulse outputs of 1 litre, 10 litre and 100 litres per pulse
  • Rechargeable backup battery for months of uninterruptable operation
  • Two levels of guard, building occupied and unoccupied
  • Connection to BMS for Leak Detected output alarm
  • Integrated 7 day timer for guard level switching
  • Backlit display
  • Override option for extraordinary water requirements
  • Automatic High Guard switch where no activity for 25 hours
  • Close valve during High Guard period option