We design, manufacture and distribute a comprehensive range of products to suit all applications and environments. As the designer and manufacturer, we can develop unique systems to meet our clients’ specific requirements including BREEAM and CIREG compliance.

From temporary supply to occupation

We can cover all your water leak detection requirements for residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings no matter how large or small the project.

Water leak detection – a relatively new inclusion into many M & E specifications, we at Waterguard specialise in equipment that can protect properties from a drip under the sink to the entire site boundary. The result is faster development and specification, assured BREEAM compliance, enhanced and recognised sustainability and higher assessment performance. Working together, combining optimised Waterguard technologies we can create reduced risk throughout every stage of construction through to occupation. Know that we can help cover any water leak detection requirement with complete control over the design and manufacture of our Series 7, Home, Puddle and PIR ranges – trusting Waterguard ensures a fast and practiced solution.

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