Escape of water

‘Escape of water’ is the technical term used to describe a water leak in your property and is one of the most common causes of home insurance claims. Not only are water leaks an inconvenience, but they can incur huge costs – including the price of repair, replacement, and business disruption.

Range of systems

Our range of systems include both monitoring and sensing options and protect properties by monitoring water usage from the incoming mains using a flow sensor. We can also proactively ‘look’ for leaks in vulnerable areas using water sensing tape.

Modular solutions

These modular systems can be used together, or singularly, to create a bespoke solution to suit the property’s individual needs. It’s worth noting too, that the cost of such a system is often less than the insurance excess on an escape of water claim.

More about What we Do


The Waterguard Home allows users to set a maximum time to permit continuous water flow  when the property is both occupied and unoccupied. The system allows you to turn the supply on or off, switch the guard level, and adjust the maximum flow times set, all via an easy-to-use remote control.

The Waterguard Solo is usually used for multi-occupancy schemes and shares the exact working principles of the ‘Home’, but with just one level of guard and a singular push-button control. The alert level is usually set by the installer, landlord, or concierge – with the singular controls often located in riser cupboards or basements.

The Waterguard Puddle is the latest development in multi-zone water leak detection technology. Each system can monitor up to five areas using water sensing tape, with the option to isolate the supply when activated.

Thousands of properties across the UK and Channel Islands are protected by Waterguard’s systems – including sites managed by Mainstay Group Limited. Download our case study to learn how we work with insurers, and facilities and property managers to provide solutions for any escape of water issues.

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